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The Misadventures of Scargirl


After traveling the globe and meeting all walks of life, from the experiences of living in five different countries, I bring a series of entertaining clips. Some will make you laugh. Some are aimed to give you a glimpse of the difficult time I have known; there have been many.

Ecclesiastes is a book all about the vanity of life. It begins by letting the reader know that “with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief.” This I have memorized as I find it all too true. Chapter 11 goes on to say that everything in life is meaningless.

And so over the years I have indeed struggled to find it's meaning. Looking back into the years of my childhood and reflecting upon them, there is not much joy. Pain and suffering seem to have accompanied me across time.

But I will move along, because these things are too difficult to write and too uncomfortable to read. Instead I will share some of the silly and hilarious happenings and some bizarre random events that have shaped my life.

Most of my misadventures began at an early age. Some of them came about because of my own silly choices, but not all. And usually, they never happened when I was alone; in other words, I had a little help in my troubles.

Memories of them generally return to me without effort, when something I see or do reminds me of them. It is all quite random. Since I have lived in Spain, there has occurred more frequent silliness, as the way the Spanish do things can be quite silly.

So the stories continue. Over the years I earned the nickname, “Little Miss Adventure”. Just let me tell you why...

Written by Jori Sams

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